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Jesse's Oil Paintings

Jesse's Oil Paintings

Hi I'm Jesse, the oil painter on the "Wall of Fire" website. My two sons Jared and Micah are the owners, manufacturers and marketers of the Grate Wall of fire. I was born in rural Northwest Connecticut, the son of a dairy farmer and a very talented mother. I grew up and worked on the farm, but my hobby from childhood was oil painting which was encouraged by my mom. The dairy business eventually succumbed to the times and soon my wife, two boys and daughter went into the greenhouse and nursery business. That lasted 40 years and changing times saw and end to the nursery as well.

During the greenhouse days, we built a vacation home in the mountains of northern Vermont. We had a beautiful, large stone fireplace built for us but it always filled the house with smoke whenever we used it.
Some time later we decided to put our heads together and try to correct the problem ourselves. Realizing that the smoke must have something to do with the fire being too close to the opening of the fireplace, we started tinkering with our own homemade grate. After a couple of years and several prototypes later, we slowly began to notice that we were actually doing something quite innovative with amazing results. It both ended our fireplace smoke problem, plus created amazing heat while drastically decreasing the rate of wood consumption. Our neighbors in Vermont saw our homemade grate and told us we should patent it. We did, and the rest is history.

We now sell thousands and thousands of our grates annually which we manufacture ourselves at our old greenhouse facility in Connecticut. As you can imagine, we are grateful to our once smoky fireplace. These days I still help with the manufacture somewhat, but there are times when I seem to irritate my now 34 and 40 year old sons. I then retire to my small cozy studio and paint. How about that!

Drawing of East Litchfield, Connecticut circa 1880.
Drawing of East Litchfield, Connecticut circa 1880. Click on picture to enlarge.

Below are a few of my paintings from the winter of 2012. Enjoy!

Early Winter's majesty


Old Gramp's grist mill

Morning glow

Mountain paradise

A late Summer's dream

The eternal sea

A New England gem

We got fish sizzlin' in the pan

Promise of a perfect day

Sweet Montana range

Cover art for the new novel "Well Enough Alone" that I was recently asked to paint.
Click HERE to view the book on

Mountain lake majesty

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Side view of S-5 grate shown in a full masonry fireplace. A fireback is required when used in a pre-fab or metal fireplace of any kind.

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