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Reflective firebacks
Reflective Firebacks

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Decorative M-5 grate with reflective fireback
Reflective Fireback shown behind grate

Our steel Reflective Firebacks will maximize the heating potential of your fireplace. These tall units with their large surface area will heat up quickly and bounce even more heat back into your home. Firebacks also act as a heat shield to protect your fireplace's back wall against fatigue. The use of a fireback is required in all types of factory built and or metal fireplaces to limit heat transfer when using the vertical Wall of Fire grate. A fireback should also be used in any masonry fireplace if the integrity of the fireplace's construction is unknown.

Our fire backs are not cast iron, they are made from heavy steel which will not shatter or crack over time like many cast fire backs tend to do.

Click HERE to see how these firebacks are installed in a typical fireplace.

All reflective firebacks are 15" high and are made from quality hot rolled steel. Fireback feet are permanently attached and are 1" in length.

Our reflective firebacks are offered in three thicknesses:
Standard Duty 3/8" - Heavy Duty 3/4" - Super Duty 1"

The 3/8" firebacks are our most economical heat reflectors and are suitable for light to moderate fireplace use. A popular choice for pre-fab fireplaces.

The 3/4" firebacks are good all-purpose reflectors suitable for more frequent use. The greater mass of these units will throw back more heat while offering increased durability.

The 1" firebacks are extremely durable and designed for prolonged/constant use. More steel means more stored and returned heat, and of course, higher quality. These thicker units will soak up and reflect energy from the fire like a "heat flywheel". Later, after the fire has simmered down for the night, these robust firebacks will continue to return their stored heat back into your home.
 Products (Total Items: 14)
RF-RM Rumford Fireback 12
RF-RM Rumford Fireback 12" Wide, 3/8" Thick
Your Price: $174.00
RF-4 Reflective Fireback 16
RF-4 Reflective Fireback 16" Wide, 3/8" Thick
Your Price: $179.00
RF-5 Reflective Fireback 21
RF-5 Reflective Fireback 21" Wide, 3/8" Thick
Your Price: $198.00
RF-6 Reflective Fireback 26
RF-6 Reflective Fireback 26" Wide, 3/8" Thick
Your Price: $227.00
RF-7 Reflective Fireback 31
RF-7 Reflective Fireback 31" Wide, 3/8" Thick
Your Price: $251.00
HDRF-RM Heavy Duty Rumford Fireback 12
HDRF-RM Heavy Duty Rumford Fireback 12" Wide, 3/4" Thick
Your Price: $294.00
HDRF-4 Heavy Duty Reflective Fireback 16
HDRF-4 Heavy Duty Reflective Fireback 16" Wide, 3/4" Thick
Your Price: $299.00
HDRF-5 Heavy Duty Reflective Fireback 21
HDRF-5 Heavy Duty Reflective Fireback 21" Wide, 3/4" Thick
Your Price: $328.00
HDRF-6 Heavy Duty Reflective Fireback 26
HDRF-6 Heavy Duty Reflective Fireback 26" Wide, 3/4" Thick
Your Price: $352.00
HDRF-7 Heavy Duty Reflective Fireback 31
HDRF-7 Heavy Duty Reflective Fireback 31" Wide, 3/4" Thick
Your Price: $376.00
SDHM-4 Super Duty Heat Master Fireback 16
SDHM-4 Super Duty Heat Master Fireback 16" Wide, 1" Thick
Your Price: $390.00
SDHM-5 Super Duty Heat Master Fireback 21
SDHM-5 Super Duty Heat Master Fireback 21" Wide, 1" Thick
Your Price: $417.00
SDHM-6 Super Duty Heat Master Fireback 26
SDHM-6 Super Duty Heat Master Fireback 26" Wide, 1" Thick
Your Price: $445.00
SDHM-7 Super Duty Heat Master Fireback 31
SDHM-7 Super Duty Heat Master Fireback 31" Wide, 1" Thick
Your Price: $472.00
Product note:
1" thick firebacks may be too heavy for a pre-fab fireplace to safely support, they are intended for use in full masonry fireplaces only.

Be sure that the fireback you purchase is no wider than the back wall of your fireplace. Also check to make sure that the back wall of your fireplace is tall enough to fit the fire back. Firebacks are intended to rest against the existing back wall of your fireplace (this is what supports the fireback and keeps it from falling over backwards.) Any other placement of this product will result in a dangerous situation. If you don't understand this or have questions, speak with us before placing any orders. Call 1-800-274-7364.

Common question:
The back wall of my fireplace curves in at about 10 or 12 inches up, Do I have to use the shorter economy fireback?
Unless your fireplace is extremely shallow, the reflective fireback is okay to use. Once you have the reflector in place, it should be standing perfectly vertical. There will be a small space behind the fireback at the floor level (usually an inch or two.) It is a good idea to place a small stone in that gap on either side of the fireback so that the base of the unit can't be pushed backwards against the wall. Click HERE for illustration.

A word of caution:
Our reflective firebacks are quite heavy. Some weigh up to and even exceed 100 lbs. Please have a helper assist you when placing one of these units in your fireplace to avoid back strain.

Can't find the fire back you need? Taller and or wider custom fire backs are available. Call us today for details! 1-800-274-7364

On a budget?
Click HERE to view our shorter economy fire backs.
Grate Wall of Fire standard fireback

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Side view of S-5 grate shown in a full masonry fireplace. A fireback is required when used in a pre-fab or metal fireplace of any kind.

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