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One of our high-efficiency vertical fireplace grates shown cranking out the heat!

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A revolution in heating with wood.
Congratulations, you've found us! That means you're well on your way to enjoying smoke-free, self-feeding fires that put out more heat than you would ever imagine. Our "Wall of Fire" high efficiency vertical fireplace grates makes these claims a reality. Don't let the modest appearance of our web page fool you, we are a well established brand with tens of thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. What you are seeing here is the pinnacle of open fireplace technology. Our U.S. Patented "Wall of Fire" grates increase heat, fireplace efficiency and they eliminate fireplace smoke problems.

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No fans or blowers needed here! Incredible fireplace efficiency can be achieved with these revolutionary grates, not by making costly modifications to your firebox or chimney.

Here's how it works: Our grate's proprietary ember chamber allows an unobstructed wall of glowing embers to develop at the base of the unit while a slow burning fire feeds it from above. The grate is shallow in design and is placed at the back of the fireplace. This is key to correcting the draft and eliminating stubborn fireplace smoke problems. Sounds simple, but the resulting product is an extremely sophisticated and stunning self-feeding fireplace grate.

So many people are disappointed with their fireplace because of the hopeless limitations of flat fireplace grates. During Winter months, we receive call after call from frustrated homeowners eager to try our high efficiency grate. After selling tens of thousands of units to satisfied customers, our fireplace grates have become very well known and loved among avid wood burners.

Wall of Fire grates come in many sizes to fit most any fireplace. And if you're wondering, our grates work just fine with average diameter firewood, exceptionally small pieces are not required. We also offer a line of Reflective Firebacks, an essential product when using our vertical fireplace grate in factory built fireplaces as well as some masonry fireplaces. Picking out the right "Wall of Fire" grate is simple and easy. When you're ready, visit our measuring guide page to get started.

Before spending thousands of dollars on a fireplace insert, give one of our high efficiency fireplace grates a try. We offer a 30 day trial period. You can actually try our fireplace grate in your home before you commit to keeping it. So how can you go wrong? Heating with wood in your fireplace will finally become efficient, effective, smoke-free, and enjoyable. Don't get left out in the cold this Winter; warm up with a "Wall of Fire" grate and Kiss all of your current fireplace problems goodbye!

If you have any questions, need a custom fireplace grate, or would rather complete your purchase over the phone, please call:

Grate Wall of Fire llc.
219-A Wheeler Road, Litchfield, CT. 06759
or 860-496-7907
Our retail fireplace grate store in Litchfield, Connecticut is open to the public during regular business hours. Click HERE for directions.

Hours for walk-in customers:
Fall & Winter: Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday.
Spring & Summer: The days and hours that we are open vary in our "off season." Please call before visiting our store and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Upgrade your grate to one inch solid steel construction.
Our 31" wide M-7 Vertical Fireplace Grate in 1" steel construction, teamed up with our 31" wide x 20" tall Reflective Fireback. Now that's one mean heat-throwing machine!

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