Part Number:T-HDRF-7
3/4" x 20" Tall T-HDRF-7 Reflective Fireback 31" Wide
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3/4" x 20" Tall T-HDRF-7 Reflective Fireback 31" Wide


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You've asked for it, so here it is!
This extra tall heavy duty reflective fireback is basically an HDRF-7 fireback on steroids. The extra height and larger feet of this unit make for superior stability, greatly increased heating output and fireplace protecting properties.

T-HDRF-7 (tall heavy duty reflective fireback) dimensions:
31" wide, 20" tall, 3/4" thick steel construction. Integrated feet extend forward 2ΒΌ" from the base of the fireback for positive stability. Weighs 136 lbs. in the box, so be sure to have a helper available to assist you when it arrives.

Fireplace size requirements for the T-HDRF-7 fireback:
The rear wall of the fireplace must be a minimum of 31" wide and at least 21" high to accommodate the fireback. Works with any Wall of Fire Grate.

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