Fireback placement

Detailed illustration of a reflective fireback
placed in a typical fireplace.

Reflective fireback placement in a typical fireplace.

Reflective fireback placement:
Position the fireback against the back of the fireplace as shown. Once you have the reflector in place, it should be standing perfectly vertical. If the back wall of your fireplace curves towards the fireplace opening as depicted in the illustration above, there will be a small space behind the fireback at dimension Y. This is normal. It is a good idea to place a small stone in that gap (shown in the illustration above) on either side of the fireback. By doing this the base of the fireback can't be pushed backwards against the wall by firewood and knocked out of plumb. Following these instructions will give your fireback a sound foundation in your fireplace.

Dimensional values of illustration above:
If you feel that the back wall of your fireplace curves at a rate that is too aggressive, you may be concerned that the fireback will be too far ahead. This is a valid concern if you have a rather shallow fireplace. The information below can help you determine exactly where the fireback and grate will be positioned in your fireplace relative to depth.

Grate footprint depth: S series grates = 11"  M & T series grates = 14"  Add one inch to this dimension if you install decorative base ornaments on the grate's front feet.

Reflective fireback footprint depth: RF series = 2¼"
HDRF series = 2½" T-HDRF series = 3" SDHM series = 2¾"

Gap behind
fireback: This can be determined by measuring 15½" up the back wall of the fireplace (measure 20" for T-HDRF series firebacks) and then transferring a "plumb" line down to the fireplace floor using a level, plumb bob, or framing square.

Distance from tip of front grate leg to back wall of fireplace at floor level: This dimension can be determined by adding values W, X, and Y together. Dimension Z should not exceed the depth of the fireplace floor (dimension B) on our measuring guide page.
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