Fireplace insert

Before you spend thousands on a
fireplace insert...

A Wall of Fire grate is an effective alternative to a fireplace insert. Revolutionary design allows your existing fireplace to throw heat while eliminating the constant nuisance of fireplace smoke.

Try a "Grate Wall of Fire" high efficiency fireplace grate.

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Our U.S Patented wood burning fireplace grate is the ideal alternative to a high priced fireplace insert. Enjoy hot and controlled fires without compromising the beauty and charm of your hearth. Grate Wall of Fire's Patented design directs intense radiant heat into the home while correcting smoke problems due to incorrect chimney construction or undersized flues. Compared to a traditional flat grate, the Wall of Fire grate burns wood slowly, reduces chimney creosote buildup, and is also self-feeding!

A fireplace insert may seem like a good idea at first until you discover just how much they cost. The bottom line is you are trying to save money heating your home, right? So after you pay three or four thousand dollars for your fireplace insert, do you really feel that you'll be ahead of the game? If you can afford it you might be happy; that depends on the individual but money is tight for a lot of folks these days.

Hooking up a fireplace insert is an involved process. Many require the installation of a stainless steel flue liner in the existing chimney which can cost as much as one thousand dollars. For many, that's a surprise expense that seems to come out of left field! Installing a fireplace insert can be like opening a can of worms when all you ever wanted was to simply sit by the fire.

Click here to view our Vertical grates. We also offer Decorative grates, Firebacks, Outdoor firepits etc... You can view those products by clicking one of the links on the left of this page. Next, you may end up kissing a large piece of your fireplace hearth goodbye (big disappointment) since many fireplace inserts won't fit within the existing firebox completely. Then there's Christmas time with that "festive" fireplace insert, you'll need to tell your children that "Santa can't come to our house anymore because we got rid of our fireplace".

Open fireplaces have an ambiance that a fireplace insert simply can't match. Believe it or not, we have had several customers over the years tear out their fireplace insert and replace it with our high efficiency grate. As one customer put it; "I am sick and tired of looking at that insert, it's like watching the same bad movie over and over all Winter long!"

Click here to view our Reflective firebacks. These quality backs protect fireplace masonry from excessive temperatures while reflecting back valuable fireplace heat. Many of our customers have told us that they were considering a fireplace insert until they saw the prices. With us, your investment will be only a few hundred dollars, not thousands. We offer a 30 day guarantee so don't be afraid to give our grate a try. That's right, you can actually use our product before you commit to keeping it. So what's the worst thing that can happen? You use our grate for a month and if you don't like it, send it back, then get the money you paid for it back! In contrast, fireplace inserts usually aren't returnable if you're not happy with them.

Now don't get us wrong, a nice wood stove can be a great addition to your home but have it installed in the cellar where it belongs; don't ruin your fireplace or living room. Sometimes the easiest way is the best way! So simply get a "Wall of Fire" high efficiency fireplace grate. With our product, your hearth will retain its beauty, inviting charm, and make plenty of heat without any of those fireplace smoke problems.

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