How to measure your fireplace

Standard S-5 fireplace grate
Standard model S-5 Shown

Important! Please read carefully!
You will need to measure your fireplace to determine which of our high-efficiency fireplace grates will fit it best. Here are the measurements that you will need to record before proceeding:
(A) The width of the fireplace back wall.
(B) The depth of the fireplace floor.
(C) The height of the fireplace opening.

If you have glass doors, click HERE for measuring instructions.

Once you have your measurements, follow these simple guidelines:
The grate should be no wider than the back of your fireplace; dimension (A) shown above. Our grates come in widths of 11, 16, 21, 26, and 31 inches. If needed, we even have a special tapered Rumford fireplace grate with a rear width of 12 inches.

Next, check the depth of your fireplace (B) to make sure that the grate's front legs will not interfere with anything in front of the firebox such as a raised hearth or a glass door frame if applicable. We recommend a minimum floor depth of 13" to fit our "S" series grates and a minimum floor depth of 16" for our "M" and "T" series grates.

Finally, check the height of the fireplace (C) and keep in mind that you will need enough room to easily toss wood over the grate and onto the fire. We recommend that you have about ten inches or more of clearance from the top of the grate to the top of the fireplace's opening.

To ensure that you are picking the correct grate height, consider the following:
If your (C) dimension is 20" to 24" choose one of our "S" (short) grates.
If your (C) dimension is 25" to 29" choose an "S" (short) or "M" (medium) grate.
If your (C) dimension is 30" or more, you may choose an "M" (medium) or "T" (tall) grate.

If your (C) dimension is less than 20" you may consider burning smaller than average diameter wood, or you can order a shortened 10" high "S" series grate. To do this, select the "Customize grate height" option before adding the grate to your shopping cart. This option is available for S series grates only.

Side view of fireplace showing the recommended height clearance for Grate Wall of Fire fireplace grate
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Here are three examples of the best grate being chosen:
Obviously, your fireplace dimensions will most likely be different from these examples, but this should give you a good understanding on how to pick out your grate.

If fireplace dimensions are: (A)=18" (B)=13" (C)=22" Choose model S-4
If fireplace dimensions are: (A)=24" (B)=20" (C)=27" Choose model M-5
If fireplace dimensions are: (A)=34" (B)=24" (C)=29" Choose model M-7

Important safety information:
Even though most mason built fireplaces have firebrick fireboxes, and it is assumed that your fireplace is built to code, you should still purchase a
fireback to reduce heat transfer in the event that your fireplace is not constructed properly. This is especially important in older homes where the opposite side of the firebox is embedded within the wood framing of the building.

If you are planning on using one of our grates in a pre-fabricated, zero clearence, or metal fireplace, the addition of a fireback is absolutely mandatory. Please do not use our products in any fireplace that is in need of repair, or one that does not meet current local building codes. If your fireplace's integrity is in question, consult a professional mason or chimney sweep before purchasing any of our products. Do NOT disregard what you have just read!

Sometimes existing gas starters may need to be relocated or modified to work with this grate.
If you plan on using a gas starter, it should be placed approximately 6" from the fireplace back wall. The overall elevation of it should not exceed 2". The burner will then be located in the area just below where the grate's front legs are attached. If you are planning on using one of our reflective firebacks with the grate, the gas starter may need slightly more than 6" of clearance behind it. This is because of the curvature of the fireplace back wall. Click HERE for more information. 
Gas starter location
Close-up of grate with gas starter pipe shown.
Note: Grate Wall of Fire does not sell gas starter pipes.
Click HERE for detailed grate side view images.
If you have any questions please call 1-800-274-7364

Our vertical grates are available in plain or decorative versions.
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Plain vertical grates Decorative vertical grates
Plain vertical grates Decorative vertical grates
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