Vertical fireplace grates

Many sizes available!

All "S" (Short) series grates are 12" tall and 11" deep.
All "M" (Medium) series grates are 15" tall and 14" deep.
All "T" (Tall) series grates are 19" tall and 14" deep.

Our high-efficiency fireplace grates are built from 3/4" solid steel with quality MIG welds.

Upgrade your grate to one inch solid steel construction.
30 day money-back guarantee*
Protected by U.S. Patent and Trademark.
The shape and contour of the "Wall of Fire" self-feeding vertical fireplace grate has been trademarked. Unauthorized reproduction of this product is prohibited.

Eliminates unwanted fireplace smoke! Made in USA.

How do I know which grate will fit my fireplace?
All fireplace grates qualify for free shipping within the contiguous USA!
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S-3 Fireplace Grate 11
Average Rating(4)
In Stock
S-4 Fireplace Grate 16
Average Rating(48)
In Stock
S-5 Fireplace Grate 21
Average Rating(79)
In Stock
S-6 Fireplace Grate 26
Average Rating(25)
In Stock
S-7 Fireplace Grate 31
Average Rating(2)
In Stock
M-4 Fireplace Grate 16
Average Rating(19)
In Stock
M-5 Fireplace Grate 21
Average Rating(85)
In Stock
M-6 Fireplace Grate 26
Average Rating(67)
In Stock
M-7 Fireplace Grate 31
Average Rating(24)
In Stock
T-4 Fireplace Grate 16
Average Rating(0)
In Stock
T-5 Fireplace Grate 21
Average Rating(5)
In Stock
T-6 Fireplace Grate 26
Average Rating(12)
In Stock
T-7 Fireplace Grate 31
Average Rating(16)
In Stock
TR-7 Rumford Fireplace Grate
Average Rating(28)
In Stock
TR-9 Rumford Fireplace Grate
Average Rating(12)
In Stock
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