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Fire Starting Candles
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Fire Starting Candles


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Attention: Due to an ongoing feud with the manufacturer of these firestart candles we don't anticipate having this item back in stock anytime soon. Sorry.

Start your fire the easy way with our fire starting candles. No newspaper or small kindling required. Simply match light one starter in your fireplace at the base of the grate and you're done. Box Contains (24) 1.5 oz cups.

Product note: Our fire starting candles no longer include starting wicks. The manufacturer deemed them unnecessary and therefore eliminated them from the product. Simply match light the top of the wax paper cup and the starter will ignite immediately.

Customer Reviews

2 Stars
A terrible product. No wick as the illustration shows. Impossible to light. Hugely expensive. Shipping cost half the price of the product..The only way to light them is to pour gelled fire starter in the top..Is there any management at this place?

Seller response:
There is a disclaimer on the product page that addresses the absence of the wick. Therefore it puzzles us as to why you were surprised when you saw that there were no wicks. Simply match light the top of the PAPER CUP (which is flammable) and it ignites immediately. No need to pour napalm all over them as you stated. The manufacturer realized that having a wick was redundant since the whole thing is made out of flammable materials. Not being able to light the starter without the wick sounds like a good plot for a "Three Stooges" film; "Hey Moe, there's no wicks"! "You numbskull, the whole thing's paper; just light it"... Also not sure why you bought these if you thought they were "hugely expensive". Most customers purchase the firestarters at the same time as their grate making shipping for this product free.
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Reviewed by:  from Sherborn, MA. on 12/21/2017
5 Stars
This was my second order. We love them. We use them for our camping trips throughout the summer. I definitely will be ordering again. The service also was great. We received them immediately. There were never any problems from the beginning of the order and receiving them. Thank you for such great service.
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Reviewed by:  from Syracuse, NY. on 9/29/2016
5 Stars
Candles work great! I wish I had purchased more as I could also use them for the firepit and camping.
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Reviewed by:  from Pittsburgh. on 3/9/2018
5 Stars
The fire starters work great every time. I have been using them for three years. Easy to use.
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Reviewed by:  from Cincinnati. on 11/21/2018
5 Stars
None of the candles had wicks making it a bit of a challenge to light them
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Reviewed by:  from Idaho Falls, Idaho. on 12/24/2017

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