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T-4 Fireplace Grate 16" Wide
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T-4 Fireplace Grate 16" Wide


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The T series was the first generation design of our Wall of Fire grates. Although not as popular as their shorter counterparts; the S and M series, some are still drawn to the allure of our original grate design. It really comes down to aesthetics and of course, having the necessary fireplace opening height to fit these taller units.

It is a common misconception that a T series grate will produce more heat than an M series unit. Both units actually produce the same amount of heat because the lower ember retaining chamber is identical on both. A wider grate on the other hand, will produce more heat than a narrower unit because of the increased width of the ember chamber.

19" Tall, 16" Wide, 14" Deep. Approximate shipping weight in box: 3/4" construction weighs 29 lbs. 1" construction weighs 51 lbs.

Fireplace size requirements for the T-4 grate:
The rear wall of the fireplace must be a minimum of 16" wide (dimension A), the fireplace floor must be a minimum of 16" deep (dimension B), the height of the fireplace front opening should be a minimum of 30" (dimension C) to allow adequate clearance to easily load firewood onto the grate. See more sizing information on our measuring guide page.

Fireplace construction requirements for the T-4 grate:
It is important to understand that the Wall of Fire grate is a one sided unit. This means that the burning firewood is positioned between the grate and the rear wall of the fireplace. Having the firewood in direct contact with the back wall of the fireplace will significantly increase the temperature of the firebrick and may cause brick and mortar fatigue over time. Because of this we highly recommend you also purchase a fireback to shield the back wall of the fireplace from excessive heat. If you are planning to use a Wall of Fire grate in any non mason built fireplace such as a pre-fab, zero clearance, or metal fireplace, the addition of a fireback is absolutely mandatory.

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